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011 - Red Mouth's Legacy, A Blackhall Tale - Part 5 of 6


Part Five Of Six

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Tonight we present the penultimate episode in our current serial, in which Thomas Blackhall, tired, injured and having gone for days without sleep, begins to see an end to his labours.


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010 - Red Mouth's Legacy, A Blackhall Tale - Part 4 o 6

Part Four Of Six

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Tonight, we rejoin the ongoing plight of Thomas Blackhall, who has found himself at the mercy of an ancient forest lord, a bear king from a time before men. 
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009 - Red Mouth's Legacy, A Blackhall Tale - Part 3 of 6


Part Three of Six

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Tonight, Thomas Blackhall gives up an explanation - as well as his only source of entertainment - while attempting to avoid inhabiting a bear lord's gullet.


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008 - Red Mouth's Legacy, A Blackhall Tale - Part 2 of 6


Part two

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This evening we re-join Thomas Blackhall, who's been buttonholed atop Talbot's Plateau, deep in the primeval forests of 19th century North America.


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007 - Red Mouth's Legacy, A Blackhall Tale - Part 1 of 6


Part one

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Tonight marks the first appearance of what will likely become a regularly occurring member of the Flash Pulp cast, Thomas Blackhall, as well as the first time we've presented a multi-part serial.

Our story opens in the wilds of 19th century North America, and our hero has already found himself in a spot of trouble.



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006 - Mulligan Smith in The Trunk, Part 1 of 1


Part one of one

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To round off our week we have a tale a little longer than normal, a telling chapter in the checkered history of Mulligan Smith. In this evening's episode, the P.I. finds himself explaining transportation safety.


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005 - The Neighbourly Farmers, Part 1 of 1


Part one of one

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As for this evening's episode: it opens on two

farmers, long time neighbours, ruminating on

their lot in life from the saddles of their



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004 - Mulligan Smith and The Standoff, Part 1 of 1

 Part one of one.

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Tonight the PI finds himself in the darkest depths of suburbia, only to realize he isn't alone.

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Flash Pulp 003 - The Downtown Couple

Part one of one

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In tonight's episode a loud couple have a public dispute that comes to a definitive conclusion.


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002 - Mulligan Smith and The Well Dressed Man, Part 1 of 1

Part one of one

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In tonight's episode, P.I. Mulligan Smith has some strange conversations with a well dressed man.

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