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Tonight we continue our holiday intermission with a Christmas-themed guest episode by our very own Time Traveller. Many thanks, TT!

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Tonight, due to illness, and thanks to the kind heart of David “Doc Blue” Wendt, we have the pleasure of presenting a holiday tale featuring the familiar cast of the Doc’s FlashCast favourite.

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Tonight, Will Coffin, urban shaman, and Bunny, his rarely sober roommate, hear an arcane tale of parental terror and loss.

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Prepare yourself for: Hypnotism, Ghostbusters 3, Large-Eared People Eaters, choking on cockroaches, Admiral McCoy, and The Murder Plague.

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Tonight, we find Joe Monk in an age well before his ascension to the throne, while he was still yet learning to handle diplomacy. Consider this episode Skinner Co.’s tonic to last week’s entry, Lingering.  You’re welcome. Sort of.

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Tonight our private investigator, Mulligan Smith, conducts an unpleasant interview with a youthful caretaker.

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