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Tonight we find ourselves again under the watchful eyes of the Diamond Dogs, as one online investigator brings a decades-old mystery into the future’s blinding light.

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Tonight we re-join one of the Collective’s investigators, Maritza “MarMar” Mercado, follows a too-bloody, too-naked, trail of digital breadcrumbs.

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Tonight we join a prodigal daughter - but one member of the loose collection of electronic investigators that make up the Collective Detective - as she stands at the edge of a number of digital graves.

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In which we box with Prince's shadow.

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Join us for the William Gibson penned X-Files episode First Person Shooter

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Prepare yourself for: Terrifying nautical tales, zombie board gaming, Kevin Hart vs Prince, Houdini & Lovecraft - buddy cops, and Muddy York

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We've gathered this evening to consider 1923’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

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Some thoughts on cartoons, the economy, and Japan being slightly from the future - with a special guest, Hugh! 

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Tonight we find ourselves chasing many paths that lead to one destination.

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We've gathered this evening to talk over the X-Files episode Excelsis Dei

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