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Join the Chrononauts as they get the gang together for one last really stupid heist

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Tonight, Bunny, the Coffin, finds herself in the same old haunts as the world outside her bar’s window rapidly changes.

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Join the Chrononauts as they encounter a vision of a terrible film

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Tonight, Mulligan Smith, private investigator, and Milo “Head” Smith, member of the Irregular Division and reformed thief, find themselves burning different ends of the same candle.

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Tonight the Chrononauts swing into action with a Peter Parker of yore

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Tonight the Chrononauts chase Bruce and Betty to Paris, where they encounter a guest star from a previous CCR.

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Join the Chrononauts as they light the lamp, not the rat

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The second, and hilariously final, entry in this year's seasonal viewing.

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Join the Chrononauts as they dig for the seasonal spirit in someone else's nostalgia.

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Tonight, the tale of Doctor Sofronio Momus, a man who knows not what the day after tomorrow might bring, but who, through science, intends to find out.

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Join the Chrononauts for the original Zinn.

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In which Skinner Co. takes in the opening shots of the war on Christmas

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Join the Chrononauts as they hunker down in the pumpkin patch.

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Tonight our spacefarer and his clawed companion find themselves at the end of an unexpected journey.

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Join the Chrononauts as they face off against a 1960s teen gang.

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Tonight, someone’s uttering threats, and Mulligan swears it isn’t him.

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In which Skinner Co. finds themselves pleasantly delighted by a series of half-remembered horror tales

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In which Skinner Co. watches Peter Fonda wait till the last 20 minutes to blow out the budget

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In which Skinner Co. finds itself entrapped in a Netflix B-movie

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Skinner Co.'s Francis Ford Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula

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In which Skinner Co. remembers just how much they love Jamie Lee Curtis

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In which Skinner Co. visits the trashy '80s to mutter to mannequins

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In which Skinner Co. journeys back to the ancient time of the 1970s

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In which Skinner Co. molds the next generation

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Tonight, we briefly diverge from our current ongoing investigation to tell you a well-worn urban legend from the streets of Capital City.

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In which Skinner Co. proceeds with shifty Swedes

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In which Skinner Co. is harassed by a flesh-devouring pool tarp

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In which Skinner Co. finds themselves awash in Nic Cage

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In which Skinner Co. has questions

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In which Skinner Co. dances with the dead

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In which Skinner Co. are thoroughly menaced by racist Captain Picard

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In which Skinner Co. gets Hammered.

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Join the Chrononauts as they watch the Grinch's holiday special - no, not that one, the other one.

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In which Skinner Co. begins this year's quest with a classic film and a new friend

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Tonight, Mulligan Smith, private investigator, chases a missing notebook into a suburban wasteland.

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Tonight, Mulligan Smith, private investigator, finds himself looking into a novel mystery centered around a missing notebook.

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Join the Chrononauts as they chase harbour beers and South African commies.

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Tonight, an insight into the modern life of monsters.

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Join the Chrononauts as they wrestle with the denizens of a goofy Italian castle.

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Tonight, a brief tale from a distant war.

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Join the Chrononauts as they keep their eyes firmly on some New Who

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Join the chrononauts as they roll dem bones on Quest of the Skeleton Warrior

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Tonight, your girl, Harper Tierny, learns many secrets - but be forewarned: Please keep both earbuds in until the ride has come to a complete stop.

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Join the Chrononauts as they don bird costumes to fight aliens.

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Stella and JMay on the CBC's Fresh Air

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The Chrononauts join the Scooby Gang in Ireland for some questionable culinary claims.

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Prepare yourself for: Radio interviews, Pride, poisoned Vegans and The Irregular Division

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Tonight, your girl, Harper Tierney, gets a sharp lesson in the realities of life in The Irregular Division.

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Join the Chrononauts for an extreeeeeme trip to the 1990s

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Tonight, we meet some new friends, encounter some old friends, and find ourselves dug in, at last, with the full complement of The Irregular Division.

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Join the Chrononauts as they battle the last of a Nazi tank battalion.

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Join the Chrononauts in a battle against Nazi apologists.

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Tonight, a brand new story about the same old story.

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Prepare yourself for: Syrian St. George, domain name robbery, broken noses, and Kar’Wick

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Join the Chrononauts for a super time with the Super Friends

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Tonight, a conversation with a space goat.

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Prepare yourself for: The Game of Thrones Prequel, Pride, Another Premium Moment, and Transparent

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Tonight, we take a brief journey into one possible future.

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Prepare yourself for: Beer empire kidnapping, sock height conflict, a possible guest,  and premium JMay

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Tonight, we hear another story, this time from the lips of the too-grateful dead.

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Prepare yourself for: Mob games, Skinner Co. travels, terrified Americans, and robot friends

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Tonight, Mulligan Smith, private investigator, seeks a dead man in a haunted world.

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Tonight, we begin a tale of things stolen, and things better left buried.

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Join the Chrononauts for some made-for-TV Vietnam War trauma

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Tonight, a brief tale of another life, though one perhaps not entirely unfamiliar.

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Tonight, we visit briefly with an old friend along a northern lakeside.

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Join the Chrononauts for some ripe 1960s Italian sword and sandalery.

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Tonight, we return to the Hundred Kingdoms, the realm of Sofia Esperon, as the Queen must deal with a number of climbers.

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Join the Chrononauts as they encounter Warren Ellis' Dracula.

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Join the Chrononauts as Bobby the Barbarian has the worst birthday ever.

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Tonight, we return to a simpler time, when private investigator Mulligan Smith’s greatest concern was the possibility of a serial killer.

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Join the Chrononauts for some Christmas cheer

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Join the Chrononauts in some sweet Henson joy

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Merry Kar’Mas from all of us at Skinner Co. Here’s a gift just for you.


Not for small children though. Just for you.

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Tonight, Mulligan Smith discovers the truth about the death of a hero of two plagues.

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Tonight, Mulligan Smith, private investigator, meets an unlikely source of information regarding his missing client.

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Join the Chrononauts as they take to a life of piracy

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Tonight, Mulligan Smith takes on a new client.

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Tonight, we hear the last of it from Harm Carter.

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In which Skinner Co. blocks their final film of the year

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In which Skinner Co. shakes on it.

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In which Skinner Co. pulls over at the wrong time

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In which Skinner Co. are haunted by the horror of Catherine Zeta-Jones’ acting

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In which Skinner Co. still loves Winona Ryder

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In which Skinner Co. suffers the George C. Scott problem

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In which Skinner Co. waits on an elevator for the Fourth Doctor

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In which Skinner Co. discovers that the ground is sow-ah

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In which Skinner Co. don't need no education

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In which Skinner Co. gets caught up in the madness

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We watch some Sutter Cane.

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Join us as a trio of small town witches encounter all of the Jack Nicholsons

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Tonight, Harm Carter finds himself not quite alone in a museum of his own making.

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Oh, Julian Sands.

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Join the Chrononauts in some Halloween fun.

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The first of the 31: Winchester (2018)

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Tonight, Harm Carter discovers you can never go home again - especially when that home is surrounded by homicidal maniacs.

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Join the Chrononauts as they climb a water tower to escape George Burns' adopted son.

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Tonight, Harm Carter completes a sudden descent from a rooftop.

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Join the Chrononauts as they're caught up in a Prison Without Walls

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Tonight, Harm Carter makes a mistake.

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