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Jessica May created a song using the film House on Haunted Hill as her palette! Check it out - but REMAIN CALM.

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Tonight we witness that time and distance do not liberate from death or fear.

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We've gathered this evening to consider 1939’s The Gorilla.

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Join The Mob in trying, and failing, to understand Prince.

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A brief teaser in case you're considering skipping the fun

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Prepare yourself for: When Doves Cry, CIA film production, hair theft, Doc Azrael, and Sofia Esperon

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Tonight Queen Sofia Esperon is summoned to a dragon-haunted corner of her kingdom.

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Prepare yourself for: taxi ghosts, dolls on airplanes, Operation Lavender Drizzle, terrifying movie moments, and The Murder Plague

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Tonight we encounter an unexpected series of visitors.

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We’ve gathered this evening to consider 1959’s The Giant Gila Monster

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Tonight we return to Capital City where Harm Carter, father and former military man, has been contending with the homicidal paranoia inducing illness that is The Murder Plague.

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We’ve gathered this evening to consider 1940’s The Fatal Hour, starring Boris Karloff.

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Tonight we return to Capital City where Harm Carter, father and former military man, has been contending with the homicidal paranoia inducing illness that is The Murder Plague.

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 We've gathered this evening to consider 1920’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Prepare yourself for: Fancy boats, fangirls for fangirls, monkey head transplants, new Nancy Drew, and Mulligan Smith

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A new tune by JMay

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We've gathered this evening to talk over the Twilight Zone episode The After Hours!

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Prepare yourself for: Luke Skywalker’s bisexuality, Fanta, half-million dollar palm readers, dreaming of spring in 2023, and Muddy York

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In which we discuss the life and death of Mr. Bowie.

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Prepare yourself for: Cheap romance, more hidden Harper Lee, iCops, Kraken Storm, and Muddy York

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We've gathered this evening to talk over the Twilight Zone episode The Monsters are due on Maple Street

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Prepare yourself for: Rumblr, Grumblr, long distance rage, The Monkees, Pop-Tarts, the wiki, and Davy Jones’ Frankenstein.

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Though belated due to an accidental release by Skinner Co.’s Bio-Weapons Research and Development Department - a leak that, for legal reasons, we assure you is entirely and most definitely under control - tonight we present a holiday tale as penned by a junior mobster.

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Enjoy a fantastic holiday tale from Rich the TT.

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Let's talk about Star Wars for a moment.

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Tonight, we find ourselves witness to a silent nightmare.

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FPGE26 - Intense Negotiations by Rich “the Time Traveller” Jefferson

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In which we answer twelve quandaries posed by The Mob

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Tonight, Bunny Davis, apprentice to urban shaman Will Coffin, has had enough.

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We've gathered this evening to talk over the Twilight Zone episode The Lonely!

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Tonight, Will Coffin, urban shaman, receives rough treatment at the tool-wielding hands of a torturess, while Bunny, his apprentice, thirstily watches on.

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We've gathered this evening to consider 1940’s Doomed to Die

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Tonight we find Will Coffin, urban shaman, and Bunny, his attempting-to-be-sober apprentice, loitering in a darkened bedroom.

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We've gathered this evening to consider 1963’s Dementia 13

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We've gathered this evening to consider 1943’s Dead Men Walk

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Tonight we talk of Davy Jones, John Lennon, and fanaticism.

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Tonight there’s a man outside. He’s coming up the walk. Are you ready?

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Join The Mob in a Canadian selection by the Creative Audio Dept.'s own Jay Langejans!

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Prepare yourself for: Undulating battering rams, ILOVETOFU, sexy Halloween costumes, unsexy erotic literature, and the Irregular Division

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Tonight we present a tale of reminder from the Skinner Co. Mellowness Dept. - because you never know just what your day may hold.

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We've gathered this evening to talk over the Twilight Zone episode Time Enough At Last!

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Prepare yourself for: party hats for the police state, drinkable books, dead mediums of glory, texturing your environments, and Sofia Esperon.

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Tonight we venture out with Queen Sofia Esperon as she undertakes a perilous mission of mercy.

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Let's have a chat about Ridley Scott

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Tonight we visit with friends from our distant past as they move ever forward into the future. 

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Tonight, with perhaps the faintest bit of a smirk and a dash of fanservice, we revisit the worst Actual Psychic Cop on the Capital City police force.

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Tonight, as the change of seasons brings the classic tales to mind, we hear of the current and future inhabitants of a house with a tragic past.

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Tonight, we hear a tale of music and murder from the halls of Valhalla.

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Tonight, Will Coffin, urban shaman, and Bunny, his recovering-alcoholic apprentice, must pay a call to a hairy situation in a suburban home.

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Tonight we present a romping tale of mad science.

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Tonight our private investigator hears the tale of Jimmy Two-Slices and his legally dubious pizza parlour.

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Tonight we tell a tale of friendship and terror, in the classic style. 

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Tonight we join the Irregular Division - currently consisting of Ms. Atlas, cybernetically modified wonder of the American military, and Head, occasional thief and government contractor - as they take an unlikely journey across Britannia’s decaying countryside.

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We've gathered this evening to consider 1961's Creature from the Haunted Sea

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We've gathered this evening to consider 1942's The Corpse Vanishes!

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Some disordered thoughts on the recent "theater incidents"

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Welcome to FlashCast Minisode 025 - The Ballad of Bubba and Rooster

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Tonight, we report on unpleasant and indecent acts as they unfold across Great Britain. This episode, dedicated to Captain Pigheart, is definitely not safe for children, workplaces, or your parents.

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Some thoughts on distress and flags

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A fantastic new tune by Jessica May to fill your ears while Skinner Co. remains buried beneath its other creative projects.

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Tonight, the Irregular Division find themselves landing in a very changed British forest.

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Sit down, we need to talk.

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Tonight we Kill All Vociferation as we briefly gaze through a window into a universe that wasn't, but may still be. Join us, with a pair of old friends, for a short journey into Summer's swelter.

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Join The Mob in viewing a flick that scarred JMay as a child!

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Tonight we take a detour into the woods and find ourselves at the site of an unusual burial.

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Tonight, Will Coffin, urban shaman, and Bunny, his apprentice, find themselves dealing with an apparition that simply wants to move on.

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Tonight we present JRD's Father's Day gift!

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Tonight, we hear a tale of gun play and international terrorism as it plays out across the acreage of a small Midwestern farm.

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Tonight we return to the Hundred Kingdoms to witness a transformation happen under the close watch of Queen Sofia Esperon.

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Are you ready for the Oreo-esque flavour of a CCR episode with a Disasterpiece Theatre crammed in the middle? Cuz that's what you're going to get.

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Tonight, our zombie slaying heroine hears the recounting of one man’s post-apocalyptic vacation.

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Join The Mob in mocking the homicidal robot cop of THE FUTURE!

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Prepare yourself for: Crazy Larry's, Wayne Bruce, Sasquatches, equal pay for Batgirl, and Mulligan Smith.

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Prepare yourself for: Balticon, chasing the dragon, Daredevil, the Shadow Agenda, and Mulligan

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Tonight we find ourselves trapped on a Capital City bus with an apparent madman.

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Tonight, we find ourselves not quite alone with our memories in a quiet Capital City apartment.

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We’ve gathered this evening to consider 1962’s The Brain That Wouldn’t Die

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Tonight we complete the flight of Aurelio Medina, a man who went in search of a home but received, instead, unexpected talents.

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Tonight we run from a car crash and find ourselves under the watchful eye of the law.

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Tonight, we hear the tale of Aurelio Medina, a man on the run.

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Prepare yourself for: The Hotel California Killer, chess cheating, cabin copying, corrupt cops, Carl's Jr., and Auntie Grizelda

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We’re gathered this evening to consider 1944’s Bluebeard 

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We've gathered this evening to consider 1959’s Bloodlust! 

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Tonight we follow an aging Grizelda Henderson as she rides the Capital City public transportation system into adventure.

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Prepare yourself for: Lost movies, romance comics, Jedis Vs. terrorists, undeadbeat dads, Newman O's, canesaws, and Sgt. Smith

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We have gathered this evening to consider 1942’s Black Dragons, starring Bela Lugosi


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Tonight we watch a torch pass as we honour our fallen dead.

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Tonight we see off an old friend.

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Jessica May - Black Smoke

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Tonight we delve into the knotted history that would one day make Smith a Police Sergeant, a dedicated father, and a haunted man.

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Prepare yourself for: Painted faces, roaming chainsaw/knife fights, the evil eye, interdepartmental fighting, and The Achievers

Direct download: FlashCast118.mp3
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Tonight we present a tale of modern terror and psychedelic incidents unfolding, before the astonished eyes of a mother and child, on a Capital City backstreet.

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Prepare yourself for: Organ transplants, biased wifi, Putin's occult undertakings, Mac & Cheese, and Project Muddy York.

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Jessica May - The Tightened Braid (Blackhall's Theme)

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Jessica May - March to the Stars (The Joe Monk Theme)

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Prepare yourself for: Florida, book herpes, celebrities doing terrible things, '80s movies, the better cut of Top Gun, and Mulligan Smith.

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Tonight, Mulligan Smith, private investigator and lifelong resident of Capital City, finds himself drawn to the edge of civilization by one Molly Blackhall.

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In which we chat about Strawberry Fanta and who not to buy Operation for.

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Tonight, Will Coffin, urban shaman, and Bunny, his increasingly sober apprentice, eat pancakes and aid a man haunted by his past.

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Tonight, Will Coffin, urban shaman, has a brief conversation with the remnants of the woman he married.

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