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The Skinner Co. Network: Home to Flash Pulp, bites of pulp fiction released thrice weekly, and the FlashCast, an hour or so of geek/pulp chatter covering movies, games, and novels. This is the full network feed, please use to find feeds for individual shows.

Prepare yourself for: Angry angry hippos, dark hobbies, hot sauce, idea fodder, and Blackhall

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Tonight we join Thomas Blackhall, master frontiersman and student of the occult, as he encounters an undying combatant by a lonely northern lake.

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Tonight we relate to you a most dangerous urban legend from the sick beds of Capital City and beyond.

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Prepare yourself for: A warning about lady hurricanes, secret closet compartments, library lust, and Coffin

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Tonight Bunny Davis, roommate and apprentice to urban shaman Will Coffin, finds herself in conversation with his murderous dead wife.

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Tonight we digress briefly from the universe we know so well to tell a tale of personal and universal truth in the lands of Sofia Esperon, Queen of the Hundred Kingdoms. 

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Tonight we encounter the youth who will one day be ruler of the cosmos as he seeks privacy above an apparently barren rock.

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Prepare yourself for: Mobicon, Bastian Bux, Cards Against Skinner Co., Tom Swift, time war, and missing the hell out of the Mob.

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