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 We've gathered this evening to consider 1920’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Prepare yourself for: Fancy boats, fangirls for fangirls, monkey head transplants, new Nancy Drew, and Mulligan Smith

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A new tune by JMay

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We've gathered this evening to talk over the Twilight Zone episode The After Hours!

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Prepare yourself for: Luke Skywalker’s bisexuality, Fanta, half-million dollar palm readers, dreaming of spring in 2023, and Muddy York

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In which we discuss the life and death of Mr. Bowie.

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Prepare yourself for: Cheap romance, more hidden Harper Lee, iCops, Kraken Storm, and Muddy York

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We've gathered this evening to talk over the Twilight Zone episode The Monsters are due on Maple Street

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Prepare yourself for: Rumblr, Grumblr, long distance rage, The Monkees, Pop-Tarts, the wiki, and Davy Jones’ Frankenstein.

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Though belated due to an accidental release by Skinner Co.’s Bio-Weapons Research and Development Department - a leak that, for legal reasons, we assure you is entirely and most definitely under control - tonight we present a holiday tale as penned by a junior mobster.

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Enjoy a fantastic holiday tale from Rich the TT.

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