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In which Skinner Co. get a little haunted

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In which Skinner Co. ain't entirely feline it.

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In which Skinner Co. maligns Malignant

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In which Skinner Co. falls for another Mike Flanagan project

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In which Skinner Co. has a surprise encounter

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In which Skinner Co. returns to an old love

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In which Skinner Co. gets the references already

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In which Skinner Co. bumps into the ghost of Gene Roddenberry

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Tonight: A new name, but the same old problems.

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In which Skinner Co. has questions for Bing.

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In which Skinner Co. again encounters tape heads

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In which Skinner Co. remains mum
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In which Skinner Co. is down to Boogey
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In which Skinner Co. gets gooey.

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In which Skinner Co. converses with dead Australians
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In which HOLY #$%^, IT'S THE MAN-THING.

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In which Skinner Co. eagerly awaits the sequel, Smize.
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Your friends till the end are back for another round of toying with your emotions.

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