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The Skinner Co. Network: Home to Flash Pulp, bites of pulp fiction released thrice weekly, and the FlashCast, an hour or so of geek/pulp chatter covering movies, games, and novels. This is the full network feed, please use to find feeds for individual shows.

Tonight we tell a tale of friendship and terror, in the classic style. 

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We've gathered this evening to consider 1961's Creature from the Haunted Sea

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Prepare yourself for tears.

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A brief update on Skinner Co.'s status, Vince Li, and retconned Johnsons.

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Tonight we find ourselves locked into a conversation with a vagrant as our urban shaman, Coffin, his apprentice, Bunny, and perhaps even the creeping dead, watch on.

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Prepare yourself for: Wild packs of chihuahuas, trigger warnings, Tatu, educational zombies, and Coffin.

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Prepare yourself for: The Michigan Protectors, canoe chases, gender swapped Star Trek, mummification, and Kar’Wick.

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Tonight we relay a brutal urban legend from the back alleys of Capital City.

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Tonight, we take you to war through the ears of three men.

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