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Tonight, join us in the freshly empty home of Sidney Topesh, for a tale of creeping proportions - a story of rot, ruin, and restoration.

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FPGE22 - Doc Azrael: Blue Flu, by David Wendt

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FPSE18 - Hazel Skinner and The Great Fire of 1922

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Tonight’s tale is one of true horror ripped from the headlines, and is entirely not intended for children, nor the squeamish. We ask only that you finish the story before you begin writing your angry letters.

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I'm sorry.

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Part 2 of 2

Read the full text, as well as the show notes, at

We found tonight’s tale – the second part of Bunny Davis’ cowboy adventure – on our doorstep wrapped in a chrono blanket and mewling for a microphone. We can only assume such a fantastic gift is the work of Rich the Time Traveller. Many thanks, sir.

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