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Join the Chrononauts in some sweet Henson joy

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Merry Kar’Mas from all of us at Skinner Co. Here’s a gift just for you.


Not for small children though. Just for you.

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Tonight, Mulligan Smith discovers the truth about the death of a hero of two plagues.

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Tonight, Mulligan Smith, private investigator, meets an unlikely source of information regarding his missing client.

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Join the Chrononauts as they take to a life of piracy

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Tonight, Mulligan Smith takes on a new client.

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Tonight, we hear the last of it from Harm Carter.

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In which Skinner Co. blocks their final film of the year

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In which Skinner Co. shakes on it.

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In which Skinner Co. pulls over at the wrong time

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In which Skinner Co. are haunted by the horror of Catherine Zeta-Jones’ acting

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In which Skinner Co. still loves Winona Ryder

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In which Skinner Co. suffers the George C. Scott problem

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In which Skinner Co. waits on an elevator for the Fourth Doctor

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In which Skinner Co. discovers that the ground is sow-ah

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In which Skinner Co. don't need no education

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In which Skinner Co. gets caught up in the madness

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We watch some Sutter Cane.

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Join us as a trio of small town witches encounter all of the Jack Nicholsons

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Tonight, Harm Carter finds himself not quite alone in a museum of his own making.

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Oh, Julian Sands.

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Join the Chrononauts in some Halloween fun.

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The first of the 31: Winchester (2018)

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Tonight, Harm Carter discovers you can never go home again - especially when that home is surrounded by homicidal maniacs.

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Join the Chrononauts as they climb a water tower to escape George Burns' adopted son.

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Tonight, Harm Carter completes a sudden descent from a rooftop.

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Join the Chrononauts as they're caught up in a Prison Without Walls

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Tonight, Harm Carter makes a mistake.

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Tonight, Harm Carter and his companion, Hamlet the Great Dane, must suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune - though mostly the arrows - in their hunt for familiar turf.

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Join the Chrononauts in flying the not-so-friendly skies with Shatner.

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Tonight, Harm Carter searches for a moment of peace among the traps of the homicidally insane and the rationally terrified.

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Tonight, Harm Carter finds an unlikely guide through the deadly traps of the homicidally insane.

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Tonight, Harm Carter must navigate a world brimming with paranoid killers while contending with an empty stomach.

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Join the Chrononaut's as they Shatner double-chop their way through ALEXAAANDER!

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Tonight, Harm Carter finds Minnie.

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Tonight, Harm Carter finds himself on the wrong end of a maniac’s shopping list.

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Join the Chrononauts for a brief detour into quality cinema

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Tonight, Harm Carter, still in search of his daughter among the murderously infected, considers his own lingering debts.

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Where once we were promised a jetpack future, know now the grim truth of your pop culture demands.

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Join the Chrononaut's for another bad day at the amusement park

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Tonight, Harm Carter and his new friend are dealt a bum hand, and must either gamble it all or cut and run.

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Join the Chrononauts as they attempt to properly identify a number of puffy-faced white guys

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Tonight, Harm Carter and his new friend, Hamlet the Great Dane, come to a fork in the road as they journey across the paranoia-infected countryside.

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Join the Chrononaut's for wall-to-wall Lugosi eyes and weird handshakes

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Tonight, Harm Carter and his new traveling companion, Hamlet the Great Dane, face the perils of the paranoia-inducing plague that is Hitchcock’s while learning the true price of movement in such murder-hungry lands.

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Join the Chrononaut's for some Saturday morning goodness.

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Tonight, Harm Carter makes a new acquaintance among the homicidal maniacs of the plague-infected countryside - but will they prove themselves to be friend or foe?

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Join the Chrononaut's for 1933's leading mid-movie TED Talk about bats

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Tonight, Harm Carter, while in search of his homicidal daughter, Rebecca, must reconsider his approach to moving through the deadly traps that litter the plague-infected countryside.

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Join the Chrononauts as they dive into a discount university by the sea

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Tonight, Harm Carter returns to a countryside inhabited by homicidal maniacs.

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Join the Chrononauts as they're tormented by Chet Jazzman.

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Tonight, we present a quick history of occupation.

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Tonight, Harm Carter reflects on the forces that drove him back into the depths of the Murder Plague.

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Join the Chrononauts as they get in trouble, in trouble - in trouble.

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Tonight, Jennifer corrects a long-standing error.

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Join the Chrononauts as they try to wrap their heads around a Robert De Niro impersonator threatening three sea monkey stooges.

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Tonight, Ruby comes to the end of her road.

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Tonight, our heroine careens through the ranks of the dead in an attempt to escape their hungry jaws - but will she join them instead?

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Tonight, Ruby encounters a new familiar face, and the key to her escape from the shuffling dead

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Join the chrononauts as they watch Boris Karloff open a series of doors.

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Tonight, Ruby inches ever closer to home - but at what risk?

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Tonight, in a world where the only certainty is the gnashing of undead teeth, Ruby discovers something truly unexpected.

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Tonight, our zombie-slaying heroine begins her long walk out of the apocalypse.

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Join the Chrononauts in a universe of giant hairy companions and laser swords that isn't Star Wars.

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Prepare yourself for: Facial tattoos, sex bot assault, drone gangs, and blondes.

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Join the Chrononauts as they pull on their daisy dukes and dive into leech territory.

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Tonight, Ruby must face up to vermin of a different sort.

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Join the Chrononauts as all of their skulls scream.

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Tonight, while dodging the stumbling dead, Ruby hears of cowboys, hidden treasures, and the relative madness of The Rat Trapper.

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Join the Chrononauts as they get the scoop on Ginger Rogers playing a reporter who isn't really a reporter but I guess is?

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Tonight our corpse-dodging heroine summons an old acquaintance and new problems.

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Join the Chrononauts as they wonder just who's running this game anyhow

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Tonight, we come to the end of a road.

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