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The Skinner Co. Network: Home to Flash Pulp, bites of pulp fiction released thrice weekly, and the FlashCast, an hour or so of geek/pulp chatter covering movies, games, and novels. This is the full network feed, please use to find feeds for individual shows.

Prepare yourself for: Synthetic marijuana, nature’s pocket, a Russian moonbase, more on nursing home strippers, and Coffin.

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Tonight, our private investigator, Mulligan Smith, finds himself haunting a too-white nightmare with a tazer in his hand.

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Tonight, our private investigator, Mulligan Smith, finds himself stretching both his limbs and the truth.

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Tonight, Mulligan Smith, PI, finds himself contemplating a possible kidnapping while standing on the warm pavement of a Walmart parking lot.

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Tonight, Ruby must deal with both the hungry mouths of the horde and the feverish thoughts of a rugged individual.

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Join JMay and The Mob for a viewing of the 1992 "classic" 3 Ninjas!

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Tonight, Will Coffin, urban shaman, tells a tiny tale of woe to his unusually miserable apprentice, Bunny. 

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Prepare yourself for: Four Loko apocalypse, the bionic Olympics, fake Ukranian diplomats, the age of consent, and Mulligan Smith.

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