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The Skinner Co. Network: Home to Flash Pulp, bites of pulp fiction released thrice weekly, and the FlashCast, an hour or so of geek/pulp chatter covering movies, games, and novels. This is the full network feed, please use to find feeds for individual shows.

Tonight we visit Ruben Clay, a man alone in his haunted house.

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Join us for the first episode of Friends for some reason

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Tonight we revisit old friends dealing with new, unexpected visitors.

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We have gathered this evening to consider 1941's Invisible Ghost

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Prepare yourself for: Running to the Q, Civil War, sinking ships, Veronica Belmont & The Fictional Follicle Face Off results, Chinese daleks, the Doc Azrael finale, and The Collective Detective!

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We’ve gathered this evening to consider 1956’s The Indestructible Man

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Join The Mob in yammering over 1984's Ghostbusters

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