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The Musical episode

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Happy on speaker phones

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Tonight, Will Coffin, urban shaman, and Bunny, his increasingly sober apprentice, discuss the occult danger lurking behind the counter of a wandering ice cream truck.

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Fast food furry

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Radio guy has an intervention

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Elmo on being rude

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Tonight, Thomas Blackhall, master frontiersman and student of the occult, finds himself in an unlikely conversation, with a fairy woman and a deaf man, on the lonely banks of the Malhousen River.

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DDP25 - The line of perception

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DDP24 - Mic on wasting time

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Sir Hector wants to download a podcast

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Tonight, Thomas Blackhall, master frontiersman and student of the occult, takes a relatively long trip across a relatively narrow river.

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Kermit warns of the werepig

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 Droopy dog on life

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Sebastion on mouth noise

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Tonight, Thomas Blackhall, master frontiersman and student of the occult, chases dark portents into a small town on the river’s edge.

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Mickey Mouse on change

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Crazy taxi on bad driving

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Zombie Logic

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Dr. Harris on the Murder Plague

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Dunston the henchman

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Tonight our PI, Mulligan Smith, finds himself surrounded by cosplayers, comic hawkers, and conjugal criminals.

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Heronimo Stewart on Henchmen

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Salty Ted the pirate on pleasure crafts

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Tonight, Will Coffin, urban shaman, and Bunny, his constant companion, attempt to reconcile regrets with a man whose past haunts him.

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Smeebles on horrible bosses

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Jeffery Ventura on Zombies

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Billy Gruff on Reality TV

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Tonight’s tale was penned by our very own Gibraltar of Sub-Basement Three! We deeply appreciate his efforts in these hard times of temporal wormholes and invasions from parallel dimensions. Many thanks, sir, for holding those gates shut.

Now, join us in a tale of the Hundred Kingdoms, many years into the reign of Queen Sophia Esperon.

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A Canadian versus national park speed limits.

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DDP07 - Kindergarten Mary

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Join The Mob in mocking a mattress with a snacking problem.

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DDP06 - Tom Later on smartphones

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DDP05 - Vigilant Vincent

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DDP04 - Mencheck on Mob Bosses

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It's the Movie Guy's turn!

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Tonight we tell the tale of a wayward youth, and the gun he considers his last recourse.

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Grandpa George discusses smartphones

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Sir Hector Stewart welcomes you to the Dog Days of Podcasting

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