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Tonight we introduce The Irregular Division, the newest, and final, thread of the Flash Pulp universe. Here it all begins to come together - and here it all begins to unravel.


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Prepare yourself for: Cinematic folklore, shaking it off, action adventure Poltergeist, retirement franchises, and The Murder Plague

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We've gathered this evening to consider 1959’s The Bat, starring Agnes Moorehead and Vincent Price.

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Tonight we tell a brief super-heroic tale from the pulpy pages of Capital City’s funny books. A story of bumbling newsmen, space avengers, and true villainy.

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Tonight we attempt to survive another encounter on the streets of Capital City alongside our hero, Harm Carter, a victim of the homicidal paranoia that infects the city’s inhabitants. 

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Tonight we present a tale of summer miscreancy and the unexpected phantasms of childhood.

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Prepare yourself for a very special FlashCast Minisode

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